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Tej Bam

Ayurics Tej Bam is herbal pain relieving bam.

Ayurics Tej Bam is herbal pain relieving bam. It is an iconic brand of Ayurics portfolio and become a generic name for bams for most of the consumers. It is a trusted bam with 100% ayurvedic. Ayurics Tej Balm is synonymous for headache, body ache and cold remedy and considered as the best in the category. Ayurics ayurvedic herbal pain Bam is one of the biggest pain management brand and available in Indian household across geographies.


The Ayurics ayurvedic herbal pain balm is enriched with powerful ingredients- Neelgiri Oil, Pudinasatva, wintergreen oil, Kapoor satva, pine oil, lemongrass oil etc.


Quantity 12gm
Manufactured by Ayurics

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