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Pain Relief Oil

Ayurics ayurvedic herbal pain relif oil provides a long term relief from joint pains.

AyuricsAyurvedic Pain relief Oil enables to get quick alleviation from rheumatic arthritis, osteo arthritis, spondylitis, sprain, body aches, joint ache, back ache, sciatica ache, muscular dystrophy and also very beneficial in varicose & muscular pain. AyuricsAyurvedic Pain Relief Oil is an end result of long medical trials & research completed by means of our medical doctors group. 100% Herbal handcrafted Oil without using any chemical, Steroids or preservative. This Medicated Joint Pain oil is whole remedy for joint pain and arthritis.
Indications of AyuricsAyurvedic Pain Relief Oil: For brief remedy in joint pains, inflammation, weak point & stiffness. To Prevent & cure osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis & other joint disorders.
The detrimental effect of AyuricsAyurvedic Pain Relief Oil:- Not observed in clinical trial. May adequately be persevered for an extended length


Ayurics ayurvedic herbal oil relif oil is enriched with some powerful ingredients � neeligiri oil, cinnamon oil etc, It is the one stop solution for all your joint pain problems.


Gently massage on the affected place or as directed with the aid of the doctor.


Quantity 50ml
Manufactured by Ayurics

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